Tuesday, June 21, 2011

8 Days Taipei & Kaoshiung Trip ( 13 June till 20 June)

Mirador Hotel 

 Love this Victorian Style Hotel which comes with a nice rooftop garden. Free internet access too.

Yummy Breakfast

Finally get to meet my friend Becky from Tainan. Really appreciate that she drove all the way to Kaoshiung to meet me and bring us to Love River and not forgetting the Banana Taipei bag that she bought for me.

This peanut ice cream is superb. Yummlicious.

Liohe Night Market

Different Delicancies

Stinky Toufu 



Love this Bubble Tea

HSR Train from Zuoying to Taichung. Our Cabby Mr Liao will pick us up to travel around Taichung before we head to Cijing.

Herbal Tea Egg 

Our Lunch

Cinjing Green Green Grassland

Starry Minsu with our friendly hosts

Home Make Breakfast

 Beautiful Sunrise

With our driver Mr Liao


Cihmu Bridge

Cisingtan's beach only has pebbles

Our Simple Lodging at Taipei - YWCA

Falling sick in Taipei. Weather was too hot and I was dehydrated. Still happily taking picture even though I am sick. Never fall sick in Taiwan, consultation is very expensive and is difficult to find a clinic too.

Yehliu Geo Park

Our Driver cum Guide Meeky Yang

Jiufen traditional fish balls and Jiufen old noodle shop

Jiufen Jinzhi red meat dumpling

  Ah Lan Hakka Glutinous Rice Cake

Taipei National Palace Museum Martry's Shrine

Finally get to meet my Taipei friend May..

Taipei 101