Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tom Yum Fried Rice

I'm I love anything that had Tom Yum in it. Normally I bought those ready make type from the Thai Supermarket but decided to make my own to suit my taste. Those bought type contains MSG and every time I  will drink lot's of water as the msg makes me feeling thirsty all the time. 

For today, I have decided to cook the Tom Yum Fried Rice. This is something that I wanted to cook but always put on hold. It was really spicy but I liked it. 
Best to go with a glass of lime juice. 

Tom Yum Fried Rice. 

The process of cooking the Tom Yum Fried Rice. 


Overnight rice
Sliced Pork
Green Peas
Tom Yum Paste
Shallot & Garlic

Spicy Tom Yum Paste. 

The process of cooking the Tom Yum Paste. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Killer Toast

I have a date with loaves today. 

Bake 2 different variants - one which is plain and the other one the colourful one. Decide to keep the colourful version for my tea break with ice cream and for my morning breakfast, I am having it with butter and kaya. 

Love these colours  combination. 

The top layer is not shiny as I forgot to prepare egg wash but it still had its naked feel. 

Colourful Killer Toast. 

Plain Killer Toast.

Not so shinning Top layer. At lest the cheese cover up the baldness

Delicious Killer Toast for breakfast. 


260g                  Bread flour
3g                       Instant dry yeast
160g-180g        Egg + Full cream milk
30g                    Sugar (10g if making a salty toast)
2g                       Salt (6g for salty toast)
30g                    Butter

1. Mix all ingredients (except butter) together and knead till you get a silky and elastic dough 

2. Incorporate butter and knead till window pane stage (crucial)

3. Divide dough into 3 portions, then roll out flat, swiss roll, and place into greased loaf pan
4. Rise till dough reaches double the size.

5. Egg wash the dough. ( I forgot to do it) but added cheddar cheeses. 

Bake in preheated oven of 170°C at the second lowest rack for 45-50 mins, tenting bread with foil if it browns too quickly.