Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bangkok Trip 24 to 27 May

Our lodging at Evergreen Hotel & Service Appartment. 

The Hotel Lobby.

     Dinner at Kaizen Japanese Restuarant. The sashimi is very fresh and is not expensive. We wanted to 
     order Sake but it was Vesak Day and that day most of the Bars and Restaurants don't sell alcohol as 
     a respect to the Buddha.   

Sashimi Spread

This dish is called Sexy Roll. The presentation is nicely displayed and the roll is superb.
Some of my purchases from  Platinum. Some are gifts to give away. Love the furry slippers.

Dinner @ MBK Food Court. The Braised Pork Limbs is a must to try, very tender and not oily.
The Dessert is a must to try too and not forgetting the Oyster Omelette.

The Coconut Ice Cream @ Chachutak is so yummy. Luckily we managed to try this as it sold out very fast.

The Bird Nest Added with Fresh Raw Egg comes with a glass of Gingseng Tea. So yummy. 

The Menu for the Bird Nest starting from $200 to $1200 Bahts.

The different grade of Bird Nests

Dinner at Chinatown. The Shark Fins Soup is so delicious.

The Chinese Bakery Shop at Chinatown. We bought quite a number of chinese pastries back.

My favourite Aromatherapy Shop at Chachuchak. The essential oils is a must to buy. Will definitely come back here again to buy more of the essential oil.

The road side Zi Cha stall. Food wise is not bad and not expensive too.

Our simple dinner which we tarbao back.

KFC for Lunch. The chicken is more tender and juicy compared to home.

Having my favourite Capucinno at Black Canyon Coffee with Patai before boarding to home.


Jessie-CookingMoments said...

Hi, Cecilia, this is strange. I remember I left a message on your egg tart before but it didn't come out? Anyway, your trip to Bangkok seems to be a fruitful one! I had only been there once many years ago before getting married. My hubby & I were there for 2-3 weeks travelling from Bangkok to Chiangmai, then to Phuket & Phi Phi Island. That was before the tsunami time.

Jessie-CookingMoments said...

Oh, when are you coming to Sydney? I thought you are already here! Bring your winter coats/jackets as it is very cold here!

Cecilia Yap said...

Hi Jessie, I did not see any message from you on the egg tart. It's strange to me too. Thanks for commenting. My this trip to BKK was a short one,mainly to relax, shop and eat. It's a all girls trip and we have been talking abt it for ages and finally we did manage to get together to travel. It's been a long time I have not been to BKK too and this is a place that I would love to visit often.
I will be going to Sydney on 26th July till 4th August. Will bring thicker coats/jackets. Tks once again for reminding me. If you have any stuffs you need me to bring over, do let me know. You can reach my email too at lh_yap@hotmail.com.sg