Sunday, August 10, 2014

Blueberry Chiffon Cake (蓝莓戚风蛋糕)

It's Blueberries again, As I still have balanced blueberries in the fridge, all I can think of to bake is the Blueberry Chiffon Cake. This time I have added a generous amount of Blueberries in the bake.

This cake is delightfully light & fresh-tasting. The blueberries impart a soothing bluish purplish tinge to the cake and the colour looked so pretty. And I love the fruity aroma of this cake too.

Recipe Source: maomaomom


1:  4 extra large eggs;
2:  1/3 tsp cream of tartar, ¼ cup sugar (60g);
3:  2 tbsp sugar (30g), 3 tbsp corn oil (36g), ½ tsp vanilla extract, 2.5 tbsp water (35g);
4:  ½ cup cake flour (75g), 1/3 tsp baking powder, mix well with a fork
5:  1 punnet of blueberries


Preheat oven at 170 degrees.
1: Separate eggs into two clean and dry mixing bowls. Add cream of tartar to egg whites and beat with electric mixer on high speed until soft peaks form, then add ¼ cup sugar and continue beating until stiff.
2: Add 2 tbsp sugar to egg yolks and beat with same electric mixer on high speed for about 2 minutes, add 3 tbsp corn oil and beat for 1 minute. Add the rest of ingredients listed under Ingredient 3) and beat at low speed for 20 seconds.
3: Add flour and baking powder mixture in Ingredient 4) , beat at low speed for 1 minute, then switch to high speed for another minute. Add  blueberries and mix well with a spatula.
4: Add 1/3 beaten egg white into the egg yolks and flour mixture, mix well. Pour all egg yolk and flour mixture back into the remaining beaten egg whites, gently fold to mix evenly.
5: Pour batter into a chiffon tin and smooth the top. Bake in preheated oven at 170C for 45 minutes or till cooked.
6: Take out the cake and cool upside down for 20 minutes. When cooled, use a knife to pry all sides loose.


This post is linked to the event, Little Thumbs Up organised by Bake for Happy Kids and My Little Favourite DIY, and hosted by Diana from the Domestic Goddess Wannabe


Aunty Young(安迪漾) said...

Aiyo......what a scrumptious Blueberry chiffon cake you have !
It make me droolinglah! I wish I can have slice of it right now.

Zoe said...

Wow, Cecelia!

I can see that you are very generous with your addition of blueberries in your chiffon cake :D


Karen Luvswesavory said...

Huge generous amount of blueberries in your chiffon cake ^-^!

DomesticGoddessWannabe said...

That is such a clever idea!!! Love it!!

Cecilia Yap said...

Tks Aunty Young...sorry to make you drooling...来来 and have coffee with me..

Cecilia Yap said...

Zoe..I was very surprised to see so much blueberries when I removed the chiffon tin. I had vanilla ice cream to go with the cake. Taste awesome..

Cecilia Yap said...

Yes Karen...very huge amount...

Cecilia Yap said...

Tks Diana...I had the cake with ice cream and it taste awesome.

Bakericious said...

so generous of you with the blueberries, looks great!