Friday, July 1, 2011



My first time baking macarons. Did two variants and am happy to see the "feets". Is not easy to bake this delicate cookies but I am happy that I managed to master it.


150g  Icing Sugar
150g  Ground Almond
75g    Egg White
150g  Castor Sugar
20g    Egg White


1.  Sift the icing sugar and ground almond together.
2.  Place castor sugar in a base pan and fill with some water enough to cover the sugar.
3.  Boil the castor sugar with water, do not stir when it starts to boil.
4.  Beat the egg white at high speed until foamy. Do not stop beating half way.
5.  Slowly pour in the sugar syrub.
6.  The white will continue to increase in volume. The beating must continue as the meringue cool.
7.  Stir in the ground almond mixture & icing sugar. Fold till smooth and gross.
8.  Stir until well mix then add in the 20g egg white base on your own judgement.

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