Thursday, October 24, 2013

Charcoal Roasted Fish

Everytime when I go to Bangkok, I would not miss this Charcoal Roasted Fish. It's usually cooked stuffed with crushed lemongrass, rolled in a thick outer layer of salt, and roasted on charcoal. 

Last week when I send my car for servicing, my mechanic maid was grilling this and I was drooling as she was grilling. This is a very simple dish to prepare and if you don't use charcoal, you can even use the oven and grill. Of course if you use charcoal, the taste is better. Most important is you need a generous amount of salt.

The lemongrass adds an extra flavour and also reduces fishiness while the salt keeps the interior flesh moist and flanky. Simply peel back the salted crusted skin, pull the fillets off the bones and dip in Thai chilli sauce. Taste awesome.

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