Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chinese Steamed Cake

This recipe is fairly simple and quick to make even if you are a novice in baking. The wet ingredients are combined with the dry ingredients to form a batter and then is spooned into the cupcake liners and steamed. My mother-in-law is very supersticious when doing this and she always will tell us to keep quiet when she do this or else the cake will not "open mouth". My steam cake is a success and I do hope this month of December will be a smooth sailing month for me.

Recipe Source:  Sonia


250g Self-raising flour
1/2 tsp Baking powder
150g Caster sugar
1 egg (large), lightly beaten
200ml water ( original recipe used pandan water - blend 6 pcs pandan leaves with water)
45g Corn Oil


1. Mix self-raising flour and baking powder, set aside.
2. Whisk sugar and water till sugar dissolved.
3. Add in egg and corn oil, stir to mix well.
4. Add in flour and stir to combine.
5. Pour into prepared cupcaked liners.
3/ Steam over high heat for 20mins.