Sunday, June 14, 2015

Swiss Roll

It's been a long time I have not bake Swiss Roll. It's a simple sponge cake roll filled with cream, jam or chocolate.

Swiss Roll


5 Egg Yolks
50g Corn Oil
50g Milk
20g Castor Sugar
85g Cake Flour

5 Egg White
60g Castor Sugar.


1. Whisk egg yolk with sugar, add in corn oil to combine,
2. Add in milk and combine well.
3. Fold in cake flour and mix well.
4. Set aside.
5. Beat egg white and sugar till stiff peak.
6. Take portion of egg white mixture to mix with egg yolk mixture.
7. Fold the balance egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture and combine well.
8. Pour the batter into the pan that is lined with parchment paper.
9. Bake at 160 degrees for 25 mins.

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