Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Strudle

As I still have balanced Puff Pastry, so I have decided to bake Apple Strudel. This is one of my favourite pastries.

Recipe Source: myhumble-kitchen

Apple Filling 
4 medium size Apples (cubes)
520ml water
40ml Lemon Juice
180g Sugar

40g butter
2 tsp brown sugar

120ml water
4 tbsp Corn flour
(For thickening)

Method for Apple filling:
Remove apple skin and cube the apples.
Bring all ingredients (A) to boil and simmer till apples are soft.
(slightly translucent)
Mix Ingredients (B) into the soft apple mixture 
till brown sugar and butter melts completely.
Turn to high heat, then add in Ingredients (C).
Turn off heat once mixture becomes thicken.
set aside to let it cool.

2 tbsp sugar
3tbsp of custard powder
2 tbsp of fresh milk (to mix with custard powder and sugar)
500ml fresh milk

Method for custard:
Mixed sugar, custard powder and 2 tbsp of milk till dissolved.
Bring 500 ml fresh milk to a boiling point, add in mixed custard mixture.
simmer in low heat till custard thicken.
Set aside to let it cool.
(cover with cling wrap to prevent custard becomes dry)

Puff Pastry:
Puff Pastry 
1 beaten Egg (for egg wash)

Method for puff:
Follow baking instructions on packaging.
Set aside.

Final layering for Apple Strudel:
Lay a slice of baked pastry.
Spread with some custard then followed by apple filling.
Lay a 2nd slice of baked pastry,
continue with custard spreading and apple filling till you get 3 layers.
When all done, placed in an air tight container and keep in fridge
Serve Chill, Enjoy!!

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